Download Complete Imran Series By Zaheer Ahmed

Zaheer Ahmed (ظہیر احمد) is a Pakistani author who is famous for writing short stories for kids and Imran Series Novels. He is very popular among kids and youngsters as he wrote various exciting and adventurous short stories for youngsters. He was highly inspired by renowned Imran series writer Mazhar Kaleem MA.

complete imran series by zaheer ahmed

Zaheer Ahmed debuted in the Imran series with his novel “Crystel Bullet,” which was massively successful. His idol Mazhar Kaleem MA wrote the preface of his first Imran series novel. After that, he has written more than seventy books in the Imran series – and he is still actively writing.

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Following the steps of Mazhar Kaleem MA, Zaheer has also written on different timelines within the Imran series like Mystic novels, Zero Land, and Major Parmood. His most famous books are Golden Crystel, Surakh Qayamat, and X2 ka Raaz.

Complete List Of Imran Series By Zaheer Ahmed

You don’t have to go on different websites and download Zaheer Ahmed’s Imran Series novels one by one. Not anymore, because we have compiled a complete list of Imran Series novels by Zaheer Ahmed so that you can download them for free in one place.

If you find some novels missing or a broken link, please let us know in the comments. We would update the list and links for you. And, Don’t forget to share it with your fellow Imran series lovers.

Notice..!! – We have combined all the Imran Series Novels by Zaheer Ahmed in one ZIP File. You can download all the novels at once by following the link given below.

Book NameDownload
Action AgentsLink 1Link 2
Action MissionLink 1Link 2
Agent Lee HogLink 1Link 2
AnataLink 1Link 2
AnqaalLink 1 Link 2
AqaaramLink 1 Link 2
Aasaibi Duniya 1Link 1 Link 2
Aasaibi Duniya 2Link 1Link 2
Big BrothersLink 1Link 2
Black DropsLink 1Link 2
Black GirlLink 1Link 2
Challenge FightLink 1 Link 2
Copper HeadLink 1 Link 2
Crime CityLink 1 Link 2
Crystal BulletLink 1Link 2
Danger PrinceLink 1Link 2
Danger FiveLink 1Link 2
Dangerous JulianaLink 1Link 2
Dark AgencyLink 1Link 2
Dark CampLink 1Link 2
Dark KingLink 1Link 2
Dark KnightLink 1Link 2
Devil MindLink 1Link 2
Diamond BlasterLink 1Link 2
Diamond HeartLink 1 Link 2
Diamond Mission 1Link 1 Link 2
Diamond Mission 2Link 1Link 2
Evil CrimeLink 1Link 2
Eye BallsLink 1 Link 2
Fast FightLink 1Link 2
Firasko HeadQuartersLink 1 Link 2
Four Kings 1Link 1Link 2
Four Kings 2Link 1 Link 2
G4Link 1Link 2
Gang WarLink 1Link 2
Golden CrystalLink 1 Link 2
Great AdventureLink 1Link 2
Great CircleLink 1Link 2
Great PlanLink 1Link 2
Green VirusLink 1Link 2
Half Face 1Link 1Link 2
Half Face 2Link 1 Link 2
Hard SectionLink 1Link 2
HarnetLink 1Link 2
IblaashaLink 1Link 2
Karmara 1Link 1 Link 2
Karmara 2Link 1 Link 2
Madam SheLink 1 Link 2
MakashooLink 1Link 2
Mission Sai GaanLink 1 Link 2
Mout Ka SayaLink 1Link 2
Mujrim X2Link 1Link 2
One Two ThreeLink 1Link 2
Operation High RiskLink 1Link 2
Perfect CrimeLink 1Link 2
Power of X2Link 1 Link 2
Power PlayLink 1 Link 2
Red HawkLink 1Link 2
Red MastersLink 1Link 2
Red Spider 1Link 1 Link 2
Red Spider 2Link 1Link 2
Red StoneLink 1 Link 2
Sadaal PlanLink 1Link 2
Saka KaraLink 1Link 2
Sakaal 1Link 1Link 2
Sakaal 2Link 1 Link 2
Sea SharkLink 1 Link 2
Sea World 1Link 1Link 2
Sea World 2Link 1 Link 2
Secret HandsLink 1Link 2
Silver powerLink 1 Link 2
Siyah ChehraLink 1 Link 2
Sneak PointLink 1Link 2
Special KillersLink 1Link 2
Surkh Qayamat 1Link 1Link 2
Surkh Qayamat 2Link 1 Link 2
Time KillerLink 1Link 2
Top ChallengeLink 1 Link 2
Up DownLink 1Link 2
White BloodLink 1Link 2
White Cobra & Crosty in ActionLink 1Link 2
Wonder LandLink 1Link 2
X2 Ka RaazLink 1 Link 2

We hope that you have found your favorite Imran series book written by Zaheer Ahmed on the above list. If not, please let us know in the comments so that we can update the list for you.

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