Taghoot Novel By Anwar Siddiqi

A crime-thriller story with a romantic touch that portrays the mysterious life of a young man who is stuck in a puzzle of crime and faces many difficulties to solve this puzzle.

Junoon Novel By Anwar Siddiqui

Story of such human relationships that make their way in the tumultuous journey of life, passing through numerous delicate twits and turns.

Titli Novel By M.A Rahat

It highlights the boundaries that make for a woman in our society and while following the rules of this community many women lose their rights.

Zaleel Novel By M Ilyas

It reveals the life of an innocent girl who wants to be an actress, but this society that is full of bad people changes her happy life into sorrowful moments.

Pujari Novel By M.A Rahat

It features a horror and mystery-thriller with some romantic touch that illustrates the life of a boy who uses some evil forces to get his love.