Parizaad Novel by Hashim Nadeem

Parizaad (پری زاد) is a socio-romantic Urdu novel written by Hashim Nadeem. The first appeared episodically in a local weekly magazine – and later got published as a hardcover book in 2014. Recently, Hum TV has adapted the story into a drama serial of the same name.

Parizaad Novel’s Summary.

The novel covers a person’s journey from childhood to youth. He is financially troubled and does not have great looks. He is mistreated due to his ugly appearance and being poor for most of his life.

His loneliness grows with him; he feels that urge to be wanted and loved, but anyone he gets close to moves away. Then the road takes a turn, and destiny showers wealth and fame on him.

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Following that, we read that is all the wealth and fame are enough to help him get rid of his past and find love and inner peace? To learn more about Parizaad’s journey to find love and peace, read the novel.

Hashim Nadeem, the writer of this novel, is one of the most popular novelists of Pakistan. He has written back-to-back best seller novels like AbdullahKhuda Aur Mohabbat, and Bachpan Ka December. Due to his eloquent and excellent stories on unique topics, he has gained a great deal of recognition in a short period of time. On this website, you can explore the complete Collection of Hashim Nadeem’s Novels.

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