Jannat Kay Pattay Novel By Nimra Ahmed

Jannat Kay Pattay (جنت کے پتے) is a celebrated socio-romantic novel written by emerging Urdu novelist Nimra Ahmed. This novel is immensely popular among the younger generation of Urdu readers. It was first published in episodic form in a local digest named “Monthly Shuaa” (ماہنامہ شعاع) from March 2012 to May 2013.

Jannat Kay Pattay Novel Summary and Review.


The story of the Jannat Ke Pattay revolves around LLB. (Hons) student, named Haya Suleman. She belongs to a traditional Pakistani family with inherited ethics and values. She receives a scholarship to study at a university in Turkey, where her life takes a drastic turn. There is a touch of religion added to the main plot of the novel.

Nimra Ahmed takes you from the streets of Istanbul to the Bosporus sea, from the caves of Cappadocia to the torture cells in Indian jails. There are times that the story is so gripping – that readers literally would not be able to put it down. But then there are some parts where it feels unnecessarily lengthy and dragged. Even if you skip some pages here and there, the story is not feeling missed. Just slightly better editing would have added more value to the already amazing novel.

The most spectacular thing about this novel is its ending. All of the guesses will be proved wrong as it keeps the mysteries wrapped till the last page. There is a shocking plot twist that surely will blow your mind away.

If you are a classic Urdu literature reader – then this novel might not be suitable for you. If you want to read something socio-romantic with a touch of religion like Peer-e-Kamil novel – then JKP is the novel you should read.

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