Khuda Ki Basti Novel By Shaukat Siddiqui

Khuda Ki Basti (خدا کی بستی) Novel is considered by many to be one of the most significant additions in Urdu literature. It is a bitter portrayal of post-independence Pakistani society. In the early days of Pakistan Television (PTV), they adopted this novel to a TV-Series. It had translated into 11 major languages, including English, under the name of God’s own land.KHUDA KI BASTI NOVEL

Khuda Ki Basti Novel Summary and Review.

The novel’s central theme is to highlight the struggles of poor people living in slums in Karachi and Lahore. The events of the story take place in the 1950s. The story revolves around a young widowed mother of three who has fallen on hard times. She is jobless, without a guardian, and there is no hope for better days. A man from the neighborhood pursued her with an apparent marriage proposal. But his real intentions were to get close to her beautiful young daughter. He left no stone unturned to exploit the helpless family for his own gain.

Raja, Shami, and Nosha are other main characters of the story. They are teenagers hailing from underprivileged families. Nosha works at a motor workshop and often steals from the shop for minor profits. Raja works with a bagger, and they live in an abandoned building. Shami’s father runs a small shop. He occasionally sits at his father’s shop. From stealing to gambling, They would do anything to make some money.

Parallel to that, another group of characters felt that they had a duty to serve their nation by ending poverty and educating people living in slums. To fulfill the cause, they formed an organization. Slowly they felt that unless they have power, they won’t be able to make any progress with the cause. So they decided to take part in elections. But things don’t go as planned because there are always people who think about their interests instead of the welfare of the deprived people.

All things considered, Khuda Ki Basti is a brilliant novel. Everyone should read it at least once in a lifetime. If you have read this Classic Urdu Novel already, please leave your opinion in the comments below.

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