Manto Ke Afsanay Book By Saadat Hassan Manto

Manto Ke Afsaany ( منٹو کے افسانے ) is a collection of short Urdu stories (افسانے) written by Saadat Hassan Manto. It is one of Manto’s most recognizable works and compels the reader to read it over and over again.

Book Summary:

The Book comprises 20 short moral Urdu stories written by Manto. Each of them has a different subject and set of characters. The stories’ titles are as follows:

1: Akhri Salute
3: Ab Aur kehny Ki Zaroorat Nahi
4: Uska Pati
5: Allah Ditta
6: Ollu Ka Pattha
7: Intzaar
8: Aulaad
9: Actoress Ki Ankh
10: Baanjh
11: Basit
12: Bach
13: Bismillah
14: Bagair Ijazat
15: Blaouz
16:Manjeet Singh Majethia
17: Bhangan
18: Baigu
19: Pareshaani Ka Sabab
20: Pehchaan

Manto is amongst the most widely read and controversial Urdu language storytellers. He is outspoken and straightforward – and uncovers the harsh and bitter realities of society. Most of his stories are weaved around sexuality and lust. Thanda Gosht is a perfect example of that. He faced severe criticism from religious circles of society for his writings. Even, a formal lawsuit was filed against Manto for writing a book, Thanda Gosht, and the details of it are stated at the beginning of the book.

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