Raja Gidh Novel By Bano Qudsia

Raja Gidh (راجہ گدھ) is amongst the most phenomenal, widely read and critically acclaimed novels ever written in the Urdu language.

Raja Gidh Novel Summary and Review.

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The novel’s main theme is an exceptional journey of determining the answer to a simple question; what causes madness in human beings? Bano Qudsiya tries to find the answers by analyzing human behavior at four different stages of life.

  1. Fruitless Love (عشق لاحاصل)
  2. Insatiable Curiosity (لامتناہی تجسس)
  3. Unlawful Earning (رزق حرام)
  4. Awareness of Death (موت کی آگاہی)

The main character of the novel is a middle-class man named Qayyum with a village background. He falls in love with his university classmate Seemi, who is already in love with another classmate. Seemi could not love Qayyum back, which results in him going through, experiencing, and analyzing all four stages of life. In this novel, Bono Qudsiya also directs the reader’s attention to the religious concept of Halaal & Haraam.

The overall tone of the novel and characters are depressing, and their journeys prevail hopelessness. The dialogues and narratives are bold and thought-provoking. At times, the reader would think – isn’t it too bold for that time?

If you want to read a typical romance novel – then this novel is not for you. But If you are fond of reading sociology, philosophy, and religion altogether in the form of a fiction novel – then you must read Raja Gidh.

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