Zaviya (3 Books Set) By Ashfaq Ahmed

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Zaviya (زاویہ) is a series of famous philosophical Urdu books that comprise Ashfaq Ahmed’s conversations and lectures in a TV Program of the same name. There are three books in the series. Zaviya is amongst the most influential and inspirational works of Urdu literature.

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Zaviya By Ashfaq Ahmed Book Summary.

The program Zaviya was telecasted on PTV from October 1998 to February 2004. There are around 90 episodes in this program. In Each of them, Ashfaq Ahmed would talk about different topics like; Philosophy, Spirituality, Science, Religion, Society etc. Each episode had a different in house audience. The audience had to listen to him for the first twenty minutes and then ask questions regarding the issue under discussion.

The books series Zaviya 1, 2, and 3 is, in fact, the written form of those ninety episodes of the Zaviya TV-Program. You can learn a lot about almost everything by reading these books because he describes life’s complexities in a very simple way. You will be inspired by the author’s wisdom and real-life stories. In this book, you will find advice for almost every situation you’re going through in your life.

The book’s language is so fluent and simple that it makes you want to read it again and again. If you want to make a positive change in your life and the people around you, you should read this book at least once.

Download Zaviya Book By Ashfaq Ahmed in PDF.

You can read this novel online – or download the complete Zaviya (1,2,3) Book by Ashfaq Ahmed in pdf for offline reading. Please follow the below links to read online or download this book.

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