Gardab (Complete) Novel By Asma Qadri

Gardab (گرداب) is a well-known action-adventure serial novel written by famous female Urdu novelist Asma Qadri. It first appeared episodically in the Monthly Jasoosi digest for almost five years- and later got published as a six volumes paperback book. It is one of the lengthiest tales ever published in the Urdu language.

Gardaab Novel By Asma Qadri Summary.

Most Jasoosi digest readers are familiar with the Gardab novel. It is an adventurous and thrilling story of our society – representing the very characters we come across every day. None of the events or characters are otherworldly, they are all members of our communities, and we can easily relate to them.

The story reveals the evil faces of the people who are damaging the very core of our society and homeland. This book highlights power abuse, wealth disparity, and status discrimination in our community. It also reveals how some people are selling their soul and motherland for some temporary privileges.

The central character of the story is a newly appointed Assistant Commissioner; named Shararyar. He is a patriotic and incorruptible bureaucrat. His girlfriend, Mah Noor, losses her family in a conflict against a ruthless landlord, and he takes the matter into his hand to bring the culprit to justice. 

After conducting an investigation, he discovers that the landlord is much more than he seems to be. He was involved in the drug trade – and had Mossad and RAW’s support on his back. A series of thrilling events unfold when Shararyar determines to track him down.

Gardab’s language is so straightforward and fluent that readers feel like moving along with the story. Although the story is long-drawn, it holds your attention from the beginning until the end. This novel is the ideal choice for anyone who enjoys reading action-adventure stories with a bit of romance.

Asma Qadri, the writer of Gardab Novel, is a distinguished female Urdu novelist. She has written several super-hit action-adventure serial Urdu novels for different monthly digests. The characters and environment in her stories are so lively and relatable. On this website, you can explore All books and novels of Asma Qadri.

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