Aakhri Chattan Novel By Naseem Hijazi

Aakhri Chattan (آخری چٹان) is Naseem Hijazi’s famous historical novel. It got published in 1963. It is one of the best historical fiction novels written on Genghis Khan’s brutal and heinous war crimes.

Aakhri Chattan Novel Summary and Review.

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At the beginning of the thirteenth century, when the Mongols were brutally ruling china and central Asia, there lived a brave Muslim ruler who defeated Mongols several times. His name was Sultan Jalal-ud-din. He proved to be the last gigantic obstacle (Aakhri Chattan) in the way of Genghis Khan.

In the war against Genghis Khan in 1221, he showed great bravery, which stunned the Mongol army, including Genghis Khan. He also tried to unite all Muslim leaders under one banner against the Mongols. Still, the Muslim leaders ignored the severity of the circumstances, which led to a tragedy like Baghdad’s fall.

Along with them is the story of Tahir bin Yusuf, an Arab young man who leaves his home and goes to Baghdad to fight for Islam. He sets up his home along the Tigris River (دریائے دجلہ). He tries to warn the people of Baghdad about the calamities that Genghis khan’s tribes will bring. But nobody paid attention to his warnings. Eventually, his quest lands him on various battlefields where He fights alongside Jalaluddin on many fronts.

In Summary, Aakhri Chattan’s story revolves around Khawarzmi Sultan Jalal-ud-din’s resistance against Genghis Khan’s atrocities in Central Asia. It also sheds light on the attempts and failure to unite the all Muslim under one banner and the aftermath leading to severe consequences.

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  1. Marvelous novel. That is good way to carry out the novel with a side character of history and narrate the history. It’s a amazing way to read the history. There is a Islamic moral of Jihad in it. That is great gestor towards the Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. He was a great asset to Pakistan. May Allah rest her soul in peace. Ameen


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