Al Raheeq Al Makhtum Book By Safi Ur Rehman Mubarakpuri

Al-Raheeq Ul Makhtoom (الرحیق المختوم) is an authentic and authoritative biography of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It is written by Safi-ur-Rehman Mubarakpuri, a distinguished Islamic author with numerous credible works on his credit. Over time, the book has been translated into many languages, making it one of the most famous Islamic books.

About The Book:

In 1979, Muslim World League held a competition and invited writers from all over the world to submit the Holy prophet’s biographies. Al Raheeq Al Makhtum is the book that won the first prize in that competition. It is due to the writer’s sheer commitment to the project. He gathered every possible detail of the Prophet’s life and summed it up in this book.

The book vividly details the Holy prophet’s life from birth to departure. The writer describes in great detail his family background, early age, teenager life, business era, marriages, preachings, teachings, way of life, habits, battles, and his final days. The book is divided into several chapters, each detailing a different era of his life.

The language of the book is easy to understand. It is an extremely insightful and informative book from the beginning to the very end. There is such fluency in the writing style that you will not feel tedious even if you continuously read chapter after chapter.

If you want to learn in great detail about the Prophet’s life, Al Raheeq Al Makhtum is the only book that will provide you with the most accurate information about his life. This is the book that every Muslim should read at least once in their life.

Download Al-Raheeq ul Makhtoom in PDF

You can read this book online – or download the complete book in pdf for offline reading. The book is available in three languages, Urdu, Arabic, and English. You can download it as per your language preference. Please follow the below links to read online or download this book.

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