Ali Pur Ka Aili (Autobiography )By Mumtaz Mufti

It is said of books that if you can not read a book twice, you should not read it even once. But the book we are talking about today, despite its large size, can be read many times. It is one of the most important books ever written in the Urdu language and is known as Ali Pur Ka Aili.


Ali Pur Ka Aili Novel Summary and Review.

Alipur Ka Aili (علی پور کا ایلی) is an autobiographical novel authored by Mumtaz Mufti. Its first edition was published in 1961. But even after six decades of its first release, it is still one of the most read books in Urdu literature۔ It was nominated for Adamjee Literary Award but did not win. Due to the controversy of the Adamjee award, It gained great popularity in the Urdu literary circles, and the literary status of prominent Mufti became more authoritative than ever.

For a long time, the book was considered a fictional novel depicting the evolution of a character’s personality – and the various stages and observations of his life. In later releases, Mufti revealed that it was the story of 40 years of his own life – and most of the events were based on reality. The events of the story took place in the pre-independence era. 

The theme of the book can be divided into two parts. 

  • The first is Mumtaz Mufti’s rebellion against his father.
  • The second is to try to understand the psychology of women. 

It is a character-centric story with no particular plot. The reader encounters a lot of characters throughout the story. While writing an autobiography, the writers often hide behind pretty poetic words. On the other hand, Mufti did not describe only the delightful events of his life, but he also described the most intimate and embarrassing moments. He seems disgusted with his father’s words and actions, and in this book, he has openly criticized his father. His narrative is brave, bold, and thought-provoking.

It is a book that every Urdu reader should read for once in a lifetime. To fully enjoy the book, it needs a particular developed taste and patience as the story unfolds bit by bit.

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