Ashianon Ke Mutlashi Novel By Aslam Rahi MA

Ashianon Ke Mutlashi (آشیانوں کے متلاشی ) is a novel written by renowned writer Aslam Rahi MA. In this novel, he explains human behaviors and perspectives. He told about the current society of Pakistan, which lost its honor and social values. At first, the story got published in the local digest, and then it was printed as a hardcover book.

The novel’s story revolves around two stepsisters, Arooj and Sarwat. Arooj belongs to a wealthy family, and she goes to London from childhood to get all education there. Meanwhile, Sarwat is the daughter of Arooj’s father, and he died due to duty. So it was Arooj’s father who brought him up and educated her and made her a doctor. Today Arooj was coming to Pakistan after a long time. After coming to Pakistan, she finds out that his father has married another woman named, Sakina. And Sakina has two more siblings. After that, the reaction of Arooj is not good, and she does not like Sakina, which causes many social and family issues between them.

The reader is captivated from beginning to end by this captivating story. When finished, the reader will feel left with a lasting impression. If you are a fan of social Urdu stories, this novel is for you.

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