iblees novel by umera ahmed

Iblees Novelette By Nimra Ahmed

A family drama story teaching some social and moral lessons. It reflects the diversity of human emotions such as love, greed, lust, and revenge.

paras by nimra ahmed

Paras Novel By Nimra Ahmed

The story of Paras, a girl who has been living with her abusive step-mother and step-brother. Her mother arranges for her to marry Rizwan, a wealthy man much older than she.

mushaf by nimra ahmed pdf

Mushaf Novel By Nimra Ahmed

Mushaf tells how the teachings of The Qur’an can make a positive impact in one’s life. It also teaches us how the Qur’an is connected to our lives and how we can get help from it in sorting out our daily life.

namal by nimra ahmed pdf download

Namal Complete Novel By Nimra Ahmed

An intelligence officer, Faris Ghazi (فارس غازی),is convicted for multiple murders. However, his nephew is convinced of his innocence and makes a case to defend him and get him out of jail.