Daldal Novel By Riaz Aqib Kohlar

Daldal (دلدل) is a famous Urdu novel written by well-known Urdu novelist Riaz Aqib Kohlar. It features an eye-opening social reformation story that exposes major shortcomings of our society. First published in Hikayat Monthly digest, then published as a book in two volumes. The story is 730 pages long, which might be too long for some readers, but it is captivating and keeps you engaged until the very end.

This novel is about young Pakistanis who fall prey to our society’s nefarious elements. There is no secret that the country is plagued with unemployment, injustice, and corruption. Even The majority of graduates cannot find a job that pays enough to provide for their families. Because they are under such pressure to earn bread and butter, they are easy targets for evil mongers. It’s easy to draw them into the world of crime, and once they’re in, they can’t get out.

Riaz Aqib Kohlar describes lawlessness, social injustice, and joblessness as contributing factors to the rise of terriorism in our country. Providing proper opportunities for young people can help curb the evil of territorialism, he says.

In summary, It is a novel about how foreign and local groups manipulate deprived and unemployed people into becoming collaborators in terrorizing their own country. We hope that you will enjoy reading this novel.

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