Dasht e Junoon (Complete) Novel By Amna Riaz

dasht e junoon novel by amna riaz pdf

Dasht e Junoon (دشتِ جنوں) is a romantic, mystery, and thriller Urdu novel written by female Urdu novelist Amna Riaz. This prolonged tale consists of more than eight hundred pages and addresses multiple themes simultaneously.

Amna Riaz is an emerging female Urdu novelist. She has written several superhit social and romantic Urdu novels for different monthly digests. Her stories usually describe the trials and tribulations of families inside the four walls of the house. The portrayal of human emotions and feelings in her stories is very close to reality. On This Website, you can explore All Novels Written By Amna Riaz.

Dasht e Junoon Novel By Amna Riaz Summary.

The novel’s story revolves around the inhabitants of two housing buildings, Fazal Manzil and Falak Boss. Both facilities host different families, and they have their separate story timelines.

In Fazal Manzil, multiple families are living under a joint family system. Their traditional love, rivalry, and jealousy towards each other – and their conflicts and jokes make the story enjoyable. Their lives are going great and smooth until a young and handsome guest arrives.

On the other hand, the Falak Boss building is labeled as a spooky and frightening place because certain people claimed to witness ghosts and unearthly creatures. Muaavia lives in this building with his friend. The friend suspects some unseen creatures around him all the time. The presence becomes severe and more apparent day after day, and one day, he is found dead. His death turns into a mystery for everyone as if it was a murder or a suicide. To know the truth about his death, you need to read the book because we do not want to spoil the plot for you.

The story’s central and backbone character is Khush Naseeb, living in Fazal Manzil with her mother and a sister. She is a rebellious girl who lives on her terms and does not listen to anyone.

In all, Dasht e Junoon is a mystery, horror, and thriller novel that also discusses the joint family system and romance. The story is captivating, and the characters are exciting. You will surely enjoy reading this novel.

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