Dil Makan Uska Hua Novel By Maha Malik

Dil Makan Uska Hua (دل مکان اسکا ہوا) is a novel written by a famed female writer Maha Malik. It explains a romantic story 24 pages long and easy to read for a busy reader. It describes the love and feelings between a couple.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel’s story revolves around a boy Jamshed and a girl Ghazal. Jamshed was a cheerful and loving boy. They were cousins and spent a lot of time together. They liked each other, but they did not know it. They realized this when the two parted ways.

The novel story is fascinating and illustrates to us the importance of emotions and sentiments in a relationship. Readers who like romantic stories are must read this novel.

Maha Malik is an emerging female Urdu novelist. She has written several superhit social and romantic Urdu novels for different monthly digests. Her stories usually describe the trials and tribulations of families inside the four walls of the house. The portrayal of human emotions and feelings in her stories is very close to reality. On This Website, you can explore All Novels Written By Maha Malik.

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