Gadariya (Afsanay) By Ashfaq Ahmed

Gadariya (گڈریا) is a collection of short Urdu stories (افسانے) written by famous Urdu writer Ashfaq Ahmed. It is often regarded as his most influential and important literary work. The stories were later adapted into TV-Serial and aired on PTV. The book is also known as Ujlay Phool (اُجلے پھول).

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Book Summary.

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Gadariya book comprises nine tragic, sorrowful, yet entertaining stories. The characters and the themes vary in each story. Though all the stories are equally brilliant, the one that stands out of them is Gudariya.

The main character of Gadariya Story is a man named Dau Gee (داو جی). He followed Hinduism and was a Shepherd (Gudariya) in his youth. He has a special craving for knowledge which brings him closer to Islam. Although he is a follower of the Hindu religion; however, he admires Islam and loves the Arabic and Persian languages.

Another notable story is Nuqta (نقطہ), which follows the life of a person who goes through different trials and tribulations to win the love of his life. The most thought-provoking afsana in this book is Toshay Ballay (توشے بلے). Based on your interest, you might find one story better than the other. Nevertheless, all of them are equally magnificent.

Below is the list of all nine stories included in this book.

  1. Gadariya (گڈریا)
  2. Gul Tariya (گل ٹریا)
  3. Tinka (تنکہ)
  4. Haqeeqat Niwash (حقیقت نیوش)
  5. Toshay Ballay (توشے بلے)
  6. Safdar Thaila (صفدر ٹھیلا)
  7. Ujlay Phool (اُجلے پھول)
  8. Barkha (برکھا)
  9. Ailwera (ایل ویرا)

Each story will inspire and trigger you to impact your and other’s life positively. We hope that you will enjoy reading this book. If you love reading short stories, you can explore our collection of Urdu Afsana Books.

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