Hum Kese Rakhwale Hain Novel By Nabeela Aziz

Hum Kese Rakhwale Hain (ہم کیسے راکھوالے ہیں) is a socio-romantic Urdu novel authored by well-known writer Nabeela Aziz. It tells us the significance of relationships which are important for a happy life. It was published by ilam-O-Irfan publishers in 2011.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel’s story revolves around two families who faced many complications due to their relationship. The main characters of the story are Wasi and Roshane. Roshane was his Aunty’s daughter. They deeply love each other and soon they got married. However, issues occur between them after marriage due to misunderstandings, which impact their family connections.

The author tells us about little mistakes which cause losing our relationships. It is a heartfelt story that every reader who likes socio-romantic romances should read.

Nabeela Aziz is the writer of the Hum Kaise Rakhwale Hain. The name is well-known to Urdu readers as she has authored many notable and best-seller books. She describes in great detail the human relations and the tragedies that affect families, love, and loss in her stories on different social and cultural topics. You must read Nabeela Aziz’s All Novels.

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