Karnamay Nawab Tees Mar Khan Kay (Stories) By Ibn e Insha

Karnamay Nawab Tees Mar Khan Kay (کارنامے تیس مار خاں کے) is a collection of some humorous and funny short stories authored by an amusing writer Ibn e Insha. The books contain twelve brief stories that explore the strange events of a German boy’s life who become the most popular in the whole world in a short time. The book achieved much fame after its first release in 1971.

Book Summary:

There are twelve (12) stories in this book. Each story has a different topic and moral that explain many actions, adventure, and strange moments in a humorous way.

The following stories are included in this book:

  • Zikar Do Mozion ki Khatt Patt Ka
  • Jotna Bhariye Ko Gari Mein
  • Bilukul Sachay Qissay Shikar Ke
  • Hiran Ray Hiran Ray Tere Sar Par Bery
  • Dastan Aadmi Ghore Ki
  • Majra Chand Par Charhne Utarne Ka
  • Khailna Toup Ke Golon Se
  • Chal Mere Gubare
  • Toup Utha Ke Samandar Mein Phaink Di
  • Main Ne Qaidi Kaise Churaye
  • So Jana Toup Ki Naal Mein
  • Patal Ki Sair

Every story is interesting and full of funny moments that compel a reader to laugh. All stories are almost 10 pages long which is most suitable for those readers who want an amazing story to read in a short time.

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