Khas o Khashak Zamane Novel By Mustansar Hussain Tararr

Khas o Khashak Zamane (خس و خاشاک زمانے) is a classic Urdu novel written by famous Urdu novelist Mustansar Hussain Tararr. The story summarizes the events of decades and centuries in such a way that the reader gets lost in them. It presents an in-depth look at the entire civilization, history, culture of Punjab, and the psychology of the people living on this soil.

Khas o Khashak Zamane Novel Summary and Review.

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According to a recent report, Khas o Khashak Zamane topped the list of the best novels of this decade (Watch Video), not only because it is a long novel – but because there is a magical world of many generations, regions, identities, ideologies, and historical traditions in this book.

It is a long and character-filled novel. So in terms of the story, it can be divided into three parts.

The first part of the story provides an in-depth look at the class system, the traditional conflicts of relatives, and various rural and urban life differences. The novel begins with a reflection of the Punjab civilization, whose roots were deeply rooted in the caste system, and the Jatts (جٹ), whether Muslims or Sikhs, were considered a symbol of pride. For them, their first religion was their “land.” Yes, they loved their land more than their lives.

For them, snatching someone’s rights, occupying someone else’s land, and stealing was a symbol of bravery – while getting an education was considered foolish and despicable. It is the story of a society whose economic system was in the hands of the Hindu Baniyas, and thanks to the luxuries of the Jatt landlords, most of their lands were mortgaged to the Hindu Baniyas.

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The second part of this novel depicts the partition of the subcontinent, the tragic events of partition, the early years of Pakistan, refugees’ plight, fall of Dhaka, wars, ethnic crisis, dictatorship, and politics.

The last section of the novel describes the problems that arise due to the clash of civilizations. Here is the story of people who flee the country to hide their identity and religion, but they could not escape from their homeland even there.

If we talk about the characters, there are more than seventy characters in the novel, and it is not possible to find the main character in them. Each character carries with it a complete story and narrative. Despite the numerous characters, the tale is connected in such a way that no name goes absent from the reader’s mind. The notable characters in the story are; Bakht Jahan, Sahibaan, Sarosaansi, Aziz Jahan, and Inaam Ullah.

In Summary, Khas o Khashak Zamanay is one of Urdu literature’s great novels, but the detailed discussion and philosophy in some places seems unnecessary; the way the theories and historical events are portrayed shows a glimpse of impartiality. Nevertheless, It is a great novel and would be a great addition to your library.

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