Khayal e Yaar (Short Stories) By Sumaira Hameed

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Khayal e Yaar (خیالِ یار) is a collection of short Urdu stories written by famed female novelist Sumaira Hameed. The central theme of all the stories is finding and letting go of love, accepting people, and getting accepted by others.

Sumaira Hameed is a prominent Urdu female novelist. She has written back-to-back superhit novels for several digests. She writes on burning social issues and directs the reader’s attention to the shortcomings of our society. On this website, you can browse All novels written by Sumaira Hameed.

Khayal e Yaar Book Summary.

Khayal-e-Yaar comprises six short stories about love, tragedy, and loss. Each story follows a different topic and characters. You will connect to each tale at a personal level in such a way that they will warm your heart, yet at the same time, give you a real sense of sorrow and grief at the end.

The book contains the following list of stories.

  1. Khayal e Yaar ( خیالِ یار)
  2. Aik Thi Mohabbat (ایک تھی محبت)
  3. Main Bint-e-Jamila (میں بنتِ جمیلہ)
  4. Hamari Kahani (ہماری کہانی)
  5. Tu Harf-e-Bayaan (تو حرفِ بیاں)
  6. Sheen…Sharar (ش۔شرار)

 It is hard to decide which one of these is better because all of them are brilliant in different ways. You can read this book in only one sitting. If you are a fan of short Urdu stories about love, this is the book for you.

Download Khayal e Yaar Book in PDF.

You can read the book online – or download free the complete Khayal e Yaar Book by Sumaira Hameed in pdf for offline reading. Please follow the below links to read online or download this book.

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