Mohabbat-e-Kamil Novel By Taiba Tahir

Mohabbat-e-Kamil (محبتِ کامل) is a novel composed by a preeminent female author Taiba Tahir. It features a socio-romantic story that explains the pains of those people when someone deceives them. It is amongst the best socio-romantic novels.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel’s story revolves around a young boy. He loves deeply with a girl. He blindly loves her and willing to sacrifice his everything for her love. He lives a happy life with her. But one day, his life takes a new turn when he deceived by her. Because of this deception, he was broken, and his love for her changed into hate. 

The author explains the loyalty of a relationship. She tells us about the loveliness of relationships that brings pleasure in life. She mentioned many evils and criticized the changes in social and moral values. 

The novel’s story is interesting that immerses the readers till the end. If you like socio-romantic stories this novel is most acceptable for you.

Taiba Tahir is an emerging story writer and specified novelist of Urdu literature. She started to write for the monthly magazines and produced some brilliant stories and novels. Taiba Tahir talked about the issues of the public in her stories that are damaging our family system and morality. You must read Taiba Tahir’s All Novels.

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