Naina Thag Lain Gay (Stories) By Faiza Iftikhar

Naina Thag Lain Gay (نینا ٹھگ لین گے) is a socio-romantic short stories collection written by female author Faiza Iftikhar. It includes five (5)brief stories that focus on the complications and tribulations of people in the way of love.

Book Summary:

This book comprises five stories with different characters and topics. Each story is distinct and focused on different themes such as materialism, family abuse, and deception.

The stories are titled as follows:

  • Naina Thag Lain Gy (نینا ٹھگ لین گے) 
  • Aavy Hi Aavy (آوے ہی آوے)
  • Mehndi Taan Sajdi (مہندی تاں سجدی)
  • Nanhi, Kaki Aur Munna (ننھی، کاکی اور منا)
  • Hamsheer Gaan (ہمشیر گان)

All stories are amusing and influential with a strong moral that reflects our modern society. It is most suitable for readers who love Social Urdu stories.

Faiza Iftikhar, the writer of this novel, is a rising female Urdu novelist who has written several stories for various monthly digests. She is particularly popular among female digest readers of Pakistan. On this website, you can explore Faiza Iftikhar’s All Books and Novels.

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