Parsa Novel By Bushra Rehman

Parsa (پارسا) is a well-known social Urdu novel written by acclaimed female Urdu novelist Bushra Rehman. In this novel, the author challenges a common misconception about love and religion. It is one of Bushra Rehman’s most notable works.

Bushra Rehman is the writer of the Parsaa novel. The name is well-known to Urdu readers as she has authored many notable and best-seller books. She describes in great detail the human relations, the tragedies that affect families, love, and loss in her stories on different social and cultural topics. Female characters in her stories are always strong and very relatable. On this website, you can explore Bushra Rehman’s All Books and Novels.

Parsa Novel Summary.

Parsa is a novel that addresses a common misconception that love is above any religion. According to the writer, love is an emotion; it should not be confused with religion. You can’t mix it up with religious beliefs. To prove her point, she tells the story of a couple.

It is a story about two families; one of them is Muslim and the other one Christian. The two main characters are Parsa (Muslim) and David (Christian). Their homes are right next to one another, and they are often hanging out together. Pari’s parents want her to marry her cousin, named Salman. They are completely opposite in almost every way, but she marries him because her parents want it.

Several months after she has been married to Salman, David reveals his feelings and tells her he loves her. Even though she has feelings for him, she uses their “different religion” as an excuse to ditch him. David promises to change his religion for her, and this is where the real story begins.

It is a powerfully captivating and insightful story about love and religion that might change your perspective. We are sure that you will enjoy reading this novel.

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