Purwa Novel By Bano Qudsia

Purwa is a romantic Urdu novel written by famed Urdu novelist Bano Qudsia. This short story is approximately 138 pages long – So you can finish it in one sitting. Although it is a lesser-known novel of Bano Qudsia, it is as captivating as any other novel she has written.

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Purwa Novel By Bano Qudsia Summary and Review.

purwa novel by bano qudsia pdf

The story follows two characters’ lives, Sofia, a Bangladeshi woman, and Akhtar, a handsome man from Lahore. Akhtar, who is bound to marry his cousin and inherit a heap of health and business, meets Sofia during his stay at a hotel. After that, his life changes forever.

Events in the book are set before the separation of East Pakistan. Although the story starts a little slow, it gains momentum and captivates you. Ultimately, the ending leaves a smile on your face and a feeling of happiness in your heart.

It is, in fact, a light and heartwarming story. It makes you realize how little moments, the overlooked parts of your life, and seemingly ordinary people can give your life a whole new meaning – and how some certain emotions can undermine the value of wealth, luxury, and some relationships. 

If you are looking forward to reading a feel-good romantic novel, we suggest you read Purwa Novel. We are pretty sure you will finish the whole book in one sitting.

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