Qaisar o Kisra Novel By Naseem Hijazi

Qaisar o Kisra (قیصر و کسرٰی) is a famous Urdu historical fiction novel written by renowned Urdu novelist Naseem Hijazi. It is amongst his most lengthy and critically acclaimed work. Historical stories are not usually interesting, but the remarkable thing about this novel is that it does not make the reader feel bored at any point.

Qaisar o Kisra novel Summary and Review.

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This novel’s story covers the war between the two great powers of the world (Persia & Rome) between 602-608 and the rise of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula. At the time, Persia was ruled by Khosrow (کسٰری), and Rome was ruled by Ceaser (قیصر).

This novel’s story follows Asim, a young man from the Aws tribe of Yathrib (now Madinah). His tribe has been at loggerheads with the Khazraj tribe for generations. Fed up with the bloodshed and injustice caused by years of hostility, he runs away from home and goes into exile.

The story after that details Asim’s joining the Roman and then Persian army as a soldier, his journey to Jerusalem and Constantinople, finding and losing love and friends along the way. He ran away from home so that he could escape from the brutality and unjust of the tribes. After serving in both armies, he realises these people are no different from his tribe. They are driven by greed and thirst for power, just as his people back in Arab.

Given the circumstances, he starts searching for a religion to find peace and get rid of this world’s misery and brutality. After years of searching, he heard about a religion rapidly getting popular in Arab. He returns home and finds the religion of Islam.

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