Safar Dar Safar (Travelogue) By Ashfaq Ahmed

safar dar safar by ashfaq ahmed pdf

Safar Dar Safar (سفر در سفر) is a Travelogue written by famed Urdu writer Ashfaq Ahmed. He wrote the book on the backdrop of his visit to the world’s highest hill station in Pakistan’s northern areas. He was accompanied by his close friend Mumtaz Mufti and some other people.

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Safar Dar Safar Book Summary.

Safar Dar Safar is not a typical travelogue where the author describes his surroundings’ beauty and experiences while traveling. In this book, the author outlines the philosophical aspects of the everyday thing we see around every day. He gives us a new dimension to think about our surroundings and discover the hidden meanings in them. It is, in fact, Ashfaq Ahmed’s thoughts almost about everything he encounters during his journey.

If you love reading travelogues and want to read this book strictly considering a travelogue, we suggest you read Mustansar Hussain Tararr’s Travelogues. If you want to read about your surroundings’ philosophical aspects, you should read this book.

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