Sanson Ke Is Safar Mein Novel (Complete) By Umme Iman Qazi

Sanson Ke Is Safar Mein (سانسوں کے اس سفر میں) is a novel written by a well-known female author Umme Iman Qazi. It features a socio-romantic story. Currently, it is published in the monthly digest in episodic states. From starting episodes, it got high appreciation from readers. It is one of the best socio-romantic Urdu novels.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

In this novel, you shall see many characters scattering the beautiful colors of love. While some people are engrossed in the melody of their love, some people will be seen burning in the fire of hatred and rivalry.

The main character of the story is a girl named Shajar. She is stunning and a young girl who has liberal thinking. She studied in a college. One another character is Abdul Hanan. Recently, he got admission to her college. There he has seen her one or two times. After seeing her, he was attracted to her and wanted to know her closely. But due to some evil people, he faced many complications and difficulties.

It explains to us the emotions and feelings of a man for his love and reveals people’s reactions to him. After reading this novel, you’ll lost in the different world of love, and your thinking will change about love. If you like socio-romantic stories, this novel is the most suitable choice.

Umme Iman Qazi is a prominent female novelist. She is a regular writer for the monthly magazines and digests. Umme Iman Qazi authored some tremendous romance novels and serialized stories in her short career. She talked about female issues and violations of their rights.

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