Teri Talab Ke Seep Uthaye Novel By Aasia Mirza

Teri Talab Ke Seep Uthaye (تیری طلب کے سیپ اٹھاۓ) is a socio-romantic Urdu novel authored by a well-known female novelist Aasia Mirza. It explores the lives of those people who are also disillusioned after achieving their life ambitions. Initially, it was published in Aanchal Digest in episode form, and then as a book.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

It has been heard that human nature is also strange, if someone does good to him, he is never ready to compensate him. But if any evil is done to him, he wants to take revenge as soon as possible. The passion for evil is created very quickly in his heart, and then he loses his senses in the fire of revenge.

This story is also a tale of a journey of revenge. It tells us the a situation when a person is taking revenge or thinking about revenge, in both situation restlessness becomes his fate. Life is too short, instead of looking for revenge, make it a field full of love.

This novel is an ideal choice for those readers who like revenge base socio-romantic stories.

Aasia Mirza is a well-known female Urdu author who has published a number of social-romantic novels. She frequently writes for many local digests and is especially well-known among Pakistani female digest readers. She exposes numerous facets of our society, its flaws, and their impact on our everyday lives in her stories. You must read Aasia Mirza’s Novels.

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