Teri Yaad Sath Hai Novel (Complete) By Durre Saman Bilal

Teri Yaad Sath Hai ( تیری یاد ساتھ ھے) is a socio-romantic Urdu novel authored by a prominent female novelist Durre Saman Bilal. It explains the multiple social and cultural issues of our present community. Currently, it got published in a monthly digest Hina Digest and gained a wide readership for its unique topic.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel story revolves around a young girl, Irha. She loves a boy named Aarab. She marries Aarab 2 years ago. But unfortunately, Aarab died in an accident. After his death, she was shocked because she has a child and doesn’t know how they live without Aarab. She loses all hopes in her life. But her life takes a new turn when she finds a sympathetic and loving partner.

The author tells us about the painful and difficult life of those people who lose their love in their life. It is a heart-touching story that exist a deep impression on readers’ minds. If you like socio-romantic stories, this novel is the most suitable choice.

Durre Saman Bilal is a leading female story writer and established novelist of Urdu. She authored many romance stories and episodic novels in her short writing career. Moreover, Durre Saman Bilal tried to educate the community on various issues. She got a high fan following for her unique writing style. You must read Durre Saman Bilal’s All Novels.

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