Zameen Ke Ansoo Novel By Nighat Seema

Zameen Ke Ansoo (زمین کے آنسو) is a novel written by renowned female writer Nighat Seema. It features a social story that is imaginary. At first, the book got published in the local digest Khawaten Digest, and later it was published as a hardcover book.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The story revolves around some fictional characters. But they go through the same situations and events that we are in today. Inside the story and the main chracter of the novel is writing a new story. The narrator of this second story is a poet. And Hoor Ain is the girl he meets in a valley. And as history is very interesting, she mentions the tragedy of history along with her own tragedy. This tragedy begins with the murder of Habeel and ends with the corpses found in sacks in his homeland.

The writer has tried to inspire his new generation to know their history. She has tried to get our new generation acquainted with the names of historical chracters and create curiosity in them. The novel’s story is gripping and engrosses the reader from beginning to end. It leaves a lasting impression on the reader after reading it. If you are a fan of social stories, this is for you.

Nighat Seema is the writer of the Roshniyon Ke Azab. The name is well-known to Urdu readers as she has authored many notable and best-seller books. She describes in great detail the human relations and the tragedies that affect families, love, and loss in her stories on different social and cultural topics. Female characters in her stories are always strong and very relatable.

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