Zindagi Gulzar Hai Novel By Umera Ahmed

Zindagi Gulzar Hai (زندگی گلزار ہے) is a well-known Urdu novel written by famed novelist Umaira Ahmed. The story was published monthly in the Khawateen Digest and set the records of popularity. Given its popularity, HUM TV adapted it to the TV series, which gained even more popularity and won several awards.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai Novel Summary and Review

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In general, there is a central character in every story. But the story of this novel revolves around two characters Zaroon Javed and Kashaf Murtaza, who grew up in absolutely different environments. Their living standards, social values, and way of thinking are very different from each other.

Zaroon belongs to a privileged family, and he has got all the comforts of life without any hard work. He enjoys life to the fullest without worrying about anything.

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On the other hand is Kashf, who belongs to a middle-class family and has a heap of responsibilities. Her father remarried because his first wife was unable to give birth to a boy. She is living an unpleasant life because of financial problems and family tragedies.

The story goes on, Kashf and Zaroon get admission to the same university, and this is where their first encounter takes place, which was not friendly. At their first encounter, bitter rhetoric breaks out between them, and Zeroon decides to take revenge on Kashf by getting her fall in love (based on deception) with him.

The story progresses, and Zaroon continues to cast his net. With various tactics and tricks, he succeeds in creating love for himself in Kashf’s heart, or in other words, traps her in his net. But then, something happens that takes the story into a whole new dimension. The details of which you will read in the novel.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai novel teaches you that no matter how disappointed you are in your life, you should always put your trust in the almighty. Ups and downs are a part of human life. It also teaches us that sometimes love requires sacrifices and compromises. If you love reading romantic and social Urdu novels, this is the novel for you.

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