Aas Paas (Afsanay) By Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi

Aas Paas (آس پاس) is a set of Urdu short stories (Afsanay) written by the most famous personality of Urdu literature Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi. It contains eight (8) short stories that beautifully illustrate the multiple social issues of our community. 

Book Summary:

The main subject of the stories is the problems faced by a woman in our society. Every story has a different topic and characters with powerful morals.

The stories you will read in this book are mentioned below: 

  • Akeli (اکیلی)
  • Bhari Duniya Mein (بھری دنیا میں)
  • Ufaq (افق)
  • Kiran (کِرن)
  • Maut (موت)
  • Takmeel (تکمیل)
  • Irtaqa (ارتقا)
  • Churail (چڑیل)

The author tries to tell us the importance and status of women in our society according to Islam. Every story is gave a new idea and different thinking to the reader. You must read this book if you like social Urdu stories.

Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi was a prominent poet. After making his mark in the world of poetry he started his career with the writing of Urdu Afsanay. The name, Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi cannot be ignored whenever Urdu Afsanay is mentioned. He played an essential role in the developed writer’s movement in Pakistan. In his extended writing career, Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi composed many books in poetry and prose. You must read Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi’s All Books.

You can read his full biography on his Wikipedia Page.

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