Nasheeb Novel (Stories) By Abdullah Hussain

Nasheeb (نشیب) is a collection of some amazing socio-romantic stories written by the well-known author Abdullah Hussain. The book is divided into two parts, the first part includes some short stories (Afsanay), and the second book contains two novels.

Book Summary:

The book comprises 4 short moral Urdu stories (Afsanay) and 2 novels written by Abdullah Hussain. Each of them has a different subject and set of characters. It explains the multiple issues of our society. 

1 : Afsanay (افسانے)

  • Jala Watan (جلا وطن)
  • Nadi (ندی)
  • Samandar (سمندر)
  • Dhoop (دھوپ)
  • Muhajreen (مہاجرین)

2 : Novels 

  • Nasheeb (نشیب)
  • Waapsi Ka Safar

All stories are interesting and have an important topic that grips the readers till the end and compels them to read next to the next story. If you like Urdu Afsany and socio-romantic stories this book is for you.

Abdullah Hussain is a name in Urdu literature that does not need any introduction. He is famous for his unique and distinctive style of writing. In addition to Nasheeb, he has written astonishing novels such as Nadar Log (نادار لوگ), Baagh (باگھ), Qaid (قید) and Udaas Naslain (اداس نسلیں). You must read Abdullah Hussain’s All Novels.

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