Aik Gulab (Short Stories) By Riffat Siraj

Aik Gulab (ایک گلاب) is a social Urdu stories collection written by prominent female Urdu novelist Riffat Siraj. This book contains ten (10) brief stories that explore different social and cultural issues faced by women in our current society.

Book Summary:

There are ten stories in this book. Each story has a different topic and moral that explain many complications and issues in our community.

The following stories are included in this book:

Bacha (بچہ)

Chand Aur Gehan (چاند اور گہن)

Ghar Aur Gharwinda (گھر اور گھروندہ)

Barsar Rozgar Aurat (برسر روزگار عورت)

Eid Ka Jora (عید کا جوڑا)

Hmari Amma (ہماری اماں)

Aik Gulaab (ایک گلاب)

Mar Jeena (مر جینا)

Rogi (روگی)

Shikast-e-Shab (شکست شب)

Each of these stories concerns different trouble in our society and offers a solution. If you want to read social Urdu stories, this book is most suitable for you.

Riffat Siraj is a notable female Urdu novelist who has written several social and romance novels. She usually writes for different local digests – and is particularly famous among Pakistani female digest readers. In her stories, she highlights various aspects of our society, its shortcomings, and their effect on our daily lives.

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