Aik Haqeeqat Yeh Bhi Hai Novel by Maha Malik

Aik Haqeeqat Yeh Bhi Hai (ایک حقیقت یہ بھی ھے) is a novel authored by a preeminent female writer Maha Malik. It features a socio-romantic Urdu story that explains the importance of relationships for a joyful life. At first, it was published in Shuaa Digest in 2011, and later, it got issued as a hardcover book.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel’s story revolves around a boy named Shakeel Ahmed. Who job in a company and an ordinary man. Now he wants to be married but due to his less income, every girl rejects his proposal. His life changed when he meets with a girl Named Rihana. They fall in love with her and want to marry her. 

The author tells us about the behavior of people, when someone comes into their life who loves them by heart. If you like socio-romantic stories, this novel is a suitable choice.

Maha Malik is an emerging female Urdu novelist. She has written several superhit social and romantic Urdu novels for different monthly digests. Her stories usually describe the trials and tribulations of families inside the four walls of the house. The portrayal of human emotions and feelings in her stories is very close to reality. On This Website, you can explore All Novels Written By Maha Malik.

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