Asaibi Khandar Novel By A Hameed

Asaibi Khandar Novel ( آسیبی کھنڈر ) is a novel written by renowned writer A Hameed. It features adventure, action, thrill, and suspense stories. It is a part of a long story, Nadeem Ka Khaufnaak SafarNama, Authored by A Hameed. At first, the story got published in the local digest, and then it was published as a hardcover book.

The novel’s story revolves around a young man named Nadeem. He goes on a long journey with his friend called Parvez. They experienced many difficulties due to their journey. They cross the border of Pakistan and enter Afghanistan. There, they meet with a boy who is a member of a secret club, Moon Club. The club has branches in all Islamic countries, and they help their members in trouble everywhere. Nadeem can’t believe his words. To test the club, he tells them on a secret phone call that, he is in big trouble.

What Happens next with Nadeem? Read the whole novel. It is a gripping story full of suspense that captures the reader’s attention from start to finish. Once read, it leaves a lasting impression on the reader. If you are a fan of Adventures, Thriller stories, this novel is for you.

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