Beete Pal Ka Saya Novel By Huma Kokab Bukhari

Beete Pal Ka Saya ( بیتے پل کا سایہ ) is a novel written by female writer Huma kokab Bukhari. It features a socio-romantic story that explains the many social issues of our society. At first, the book got published in the local digest Khawateen, and later it was published as a hardcover book.

The novel’s story revolves around a girl named Aasia. Who was searching for his identity? People have always ridiculed her for having illegitimate children. She was deceived and deceived in the name of love. She also loves a person who only sympathizes with her. Who has to move forward in life and can sacrifice anything for the sake of this purpose.

The novel’s story is gripping and fascinates the reader from start to end. It departs a lasting impression on the reader after reading it. If you are a fan of socio-romantic stories, this novel is for you.

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