Guria Novel By Rahat Wafa

Story of a innocent girl, who faced many social complications, due to her simple and innocent dreams and desires.

Baharon ki Patjhar Mein Novel by Rafaqat Javed

Fiza Parents died in a car accident due to a trip. Fiza saved by a man named Dilshad. He starts living with her uncle. He falls in love with Dilshad who came in her life to be a protector.

Ashianon Ke Mutlashi Novel By Aslam Rahi MA

Arooj was shocked when she coming to Pakistan after a long time. She finds that his father has married another woman. She has two more brother and sisters. Which causes many social and family issues between them.

Dar e Dil Novel By Nabeela Aziz

Zara loves Azar deeply, Azar’s parents are against the relationship and reject her. Because of this rejection, Azar and his family faced many social and family issues. Despite all this, Zara loves deeply Azar, and her love for Azar does not diminish.