Dard-e-Shab-e-Hijran Novel By Zainab Aliya

Dard-e-Shab-e-Hijran (دردِ شبِ ہجراں) is a novel authored by a preeminent female author Zainab Aliya. It features a socio-romantic story that explains the effects of love that could change a man’s life. Recently it got published in a monthly digest in episode form. Now it is available in book form. It has 15 episodes that gripe the readers.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel’s story revolves around a young girl. She was a prostitute. She was so beautiful that every man wanted to have her. But her price was so high that a common man could not even think of approaching it. She was studying in a college. On the way back, a boy chases her every day. He belongs to a noble family who knows by his glory. Even though he knew everything about her and his family status, he fell in love with her. In this way, his life takes a new turn when his family finds that he loves someone.

It is a heart-touching story that immerses the readers and exists a remindful impression on readers’ minds. If you are a socio-romantic story lover, this novel is the most suitable choice.

Zainab Aliya is a talented female story writer and an emerging novelist of Urdu. In her short but brilliant writing career, she wrote some excellent stories and serialized novels. Moreover, she has a unique writing style and assumed attractive topics. You must read Zainab Aliya’s All Novels.

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