Dayar-e-Wehshat Novel By Zeenia Sharjeel

Dayar-e-Wehshat (دیارِ وحشت) is an Urdu novel written by a prominent female author Zeenia Sharjeel. It tells a socio-romantic story that reveals some bitter truths about our current society where a woman has no right to fall in love with someone. It is one of the best romantic Urdu novels that earn much popularity among readers. 

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel story takes place in a beautiful palace Palace in a little valley of Gilgit. This beautiful palace is situated in the mid of Gazar Valley. A rich family was the owner of this place who gave the responsibility to handle this place to a young boy named Michal. Recently he got a job in this palace but he doesn’t know about its mysteriousness. 

Dayar-e-Wehshat is a mystery-thriller story with a romantic touch that portrays many strangers and weird moments of a man’s life. The story takes a new turn when a new stranger girl comes into the palace in an unstable condition. Michal falls in love with her and starts a new journey in his life.

The story is interesting that immerses the readers from beginning to end. It is an ideal choice for those readers who like socio-romantic stories with some thriller touch.

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