Dil Mein Phool Kya Khilay Novel By Afshan Afridi

Dil Mein Phool Kya Khilay (دل میں کیا پھول کھلے) is an Urdu novel authored by a renowned author Afshan Afridi. It portrays a socio-romantic story that reveals the multiple colors of love and its effect on our life. It is an excellent story that was published in Shuaa Digest in 1996.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel’s story centers around many characters that will be seen spread out multiple colors of love and creating lovely memories. While some characters are filled with beautiful colors in the story, other side characters burn in the fire of jealousy and create obstacles in the way of those people who love each other. In the end, they lose everything due to their covetousness.

The author discusses the regrets of those people who create a problem for others and lose everything in life. The novel story is fascinating that leaves a deep impression on the reader’s mind. You must read this if you are a socio-romantic stories lover.

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