Doosra Janam novel By Pervez Bilgrami

Doosra Janam (دوسرا جنم) is a bestselling Urdu novel written by well-known Pakistani novelist Pervez Bilgrami. It tells an extraordinary story about a man who, after many decades, is said to be reborn. The story is around 450 pages long and keeps the reader in wonderment from beginning to end.

Professor Usman is the story’s protagonist, who studied in London before moving to the United States. Tired of restless hours of workload, he decides to visit naturally gifted and remote areas in Pakistan to release some stress. 

As soon as he arrived in the village, a group of elderly villagers revealed something shocking to him. Apparently, they had been waiting for his return for decades and considered him their savior. The even greater surprise was the fact that he was called Asad-Al-Kabeer rather than Usman. They even presented a picture of him that appeared decades-old to substantiate their claims.

He was shocked to see his decades-old picture in this remote village because he had never been out of London and the USA. There was a brief moment when he believed that they might be telling the truth. In the end, what was the truth? Did he come back from death to save these people from an imminent threat? Or was it all just a hoax? To find the answers, read this novel.

Pervez Bilgrami is an Urdu novelist who has written several novels on a variety of topics and scenarios. He regards this novel, Doosra Janam, as one of his favorite works. While researching for this story, he took help from numerous books on the subject. In addition, he studied the scientific and religious viewpoints on this matter. That makes it one of the best multi-life stories ever told in Urdu fiction.

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