Dostt-e-Daram Novel (Complete) By Areej Shah

Dostt-e-Daram (دوستتِ دارم) is a novel authored by a well-known female writer Areej Shah. It tells a socio-romantic story that expresses the struggle and sacrifice of a young boy in the toxic way of love. It appeared in episode form on multiple social media platforms.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel story revolves around multiple social issues can face by Pakistani families. The major character of the novel is a young boy named Daram. He is a careless boy who does not realize the importance of relationships in life. He meets a lot of girls and has a lot of relationships for a limited time. But his life takes a new turn when he meets a girl named Sana

The author explains the regrets of those people, who lose their necessary relationships due to their little mistakes. You must read this novel if you like social and romantic stories.

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