Footpath Ki Ghaas (Drama) By Bano Qudsia

Footpath Ki Ghaas (فٹ پاتھ کی گھاس) is a prominent Urdu dramas collection written by acclaimed Urdu novelist Bano Qudsia. This book contains thirteen different dramas that explore different social and cultural issues facing our community.

Book Summary:

There are thirteen different dramas in this book with different characters and themes. Every drama story is different, focusing on distinct topics, such as materialism, domestic abuse, and Betrayal.

The three stories are titled as follows:

1: Chitaan Par Ghonsala (چٹان پر گھونسلہ)

2: Sarab (سراب)

3: Zard Gulaab (زرد کلاب)

4: Anjany Mein (انجانے میں)

5: Shikayatein Hikayatein (شکایتیں حکایتیں)

6: Khul sim Sim (کھل سم سم)

7: Sanwal Mor Maharan (سانول مور مہاراں)

8: Ankh Macholi (آنکھ مچولی)

9: Footpath Ki Ghaas (فٹ پاتھ کی گھاس)

10: Raat Gaye (رات گۓ)

11: Ali Baba Aur Qasim Bhai ( علی بابا اور قاسم بھائی)

12: Achy Din Ka Intzaar ( اچھے دن کا انتظار)

13: Ye Junoon Nahi Toh Kya Hai (یہ جنون نہیں تو کیا ھے)

All drama’s story have a moral lesson that focuses on social evils and shortcomings. All stories are gripping and engross the reader from beginning to end. It leaves a lasting impression on the reader after reading it. If you are a fan of Urdu drama’s, this book is for you.

Bano Qudsia is the writer of the Footpath Ki Ghaas. The name is well-known to Urdu readers as she has authored many notable and best-seller books. He describes in great detail the human relations and the tragedies that affect families, love, and loss in her stories on different social and cultural topics. . She has written several superhit Urdu novels such as; Raja GidhAmarbail.

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