Hamein Tumhare Dil Ki Khabar Thi Novel (Stories) By Nighat Seema

Hamein Tumhare Dil Ki Khabar Thi (ہمیں تمھارے دل کی خبر تھی) is a collection of some Urdu stories written by a famed author Nighat Seema. It contains five socio-romantic stories that reveal the reality of love and explain distinct social issues.

Book Summary:

There are five stories in this book with different characters and themes. Every story is different, focusing on distinct topics, such as love, revenge, and social issues.

The stories are titled as follows:

1: Hamein Tumhare Dil Ki Khabar Thi (ہمیں تمھارے دل کی خبر تھی)

2: Sheeshon Ki Bastiyan (شیشوں کی بستیاں)

3: Bas Aik Pal Ki Talab (بس ایک پل کی طلب)

4:Nah Sadaf Hui Nah Guhar Hui (نہ صدف ھوئی نہ گہر ہوئی)

5: Aik Thi Aliza (ایک تھی علیزا)

Hamein Tumhare Dil Ki Khabar Thi:

                                                         A touching story revolves around the immortal spirit of love. Love never divides life dies, but love never ends. The story of a generous heart who gave his love as charity.

Sheeshon Ki Bastiyan: 

                                     This story tells us how can skeptical man ruin his house. Despite falling in love, his wife leaves home. This story based on human psychology will surely touch your heart.

Bas Aik Pal Ki Talab:

A girl’s love story who wants someone loves her. She’s just waiting for a glimpse of someone who deeply loves her.

Nah Sadaf Hui Nah Guhar Hui:

                                         Love is passion. Nothing can be done, when it comes to one’s heart. A love story like the moon and the Chukar that would be the victim of class differences.

Aik Thi Aliza:

                          The story of a girl, whose unwarranted jealousy takes the color of her life and harms itself by harming others.  

All Stories are impressive that immerse the reader from start to end. If you like socio-romantic stories, this novel is most acceptable for you.

Nighat Seema is the writer of the Hamein Tumhare Dil Ki Khabar Thi. The name is well-known to Urdu readers as she has authored many notable and best-seller books. She describes in great detail the human relations and the tragedies that affect families, love, and loss in her stories on different social and cultural topics. Female characters in her stories are always strong and very relatable.

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