Jalte Saye Novel By Dr. Abdul Rabb Bhatti

Jalte Saye (جلتے ساۓ) is a novel written by a famed writer Dr. Abdul Rabb Bhatti. It features a social Urdu story of a brother who turns away from his brother because of jealousy and hatred.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel story revolves around two brothers named, Kareem Baksh and wali Daad. Kareem Baksh is an ordinary man, who lives with his family in difficulty. One day the roof of his house started dripping in heavy rain. He asked his brother for help but he refused. After some time, his condition got better. His brother could not digest this and he became jealous and harmed his brother. But later, he had to pay a heavy price.

The novel story tells us the selfishness of our blood relationships when we are in trouble. If you are a social story lover, this novel is most suitable for you.

Dr. Abdul Rabb Bhatti is a famous novelist and story writer of Urdu, who is a regular writer for the magazines and digests of Urdu. He wrote about many topics like romance, crime, social issues, horror, and suspense but mainly focused on the problems of the Sindhi people. You must read Dr. Abdul Rabb Bhatti’s Novels

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