Khasara Novel By Abida Sabeen

Khasara (خسارہ) is a socio-romantic novel authored by a preeminent female writer Abida Sabeen. It explains the importance of relationships which a man loses due to his ego. Recently it got published in a monthly digest in episode form. It contains 12 episodes that grip the readers till the end.

Novel’s Story/Summary:

The novel’s story revolves around a man named Sikander. He is a successful man. Despite being a successful man, he is a loser in his life because he doesn’t know the importance of relationships. He loses many such relationships who love him truly, but he doesn’t value them. But after some time, when everyone left him, he realizes that he was wrong and how many relationships he loses, who loves him.

The author tells us about the importance of those relationships which are the most expensive thing in our life. The novel’s story is fascinating that engrosses the readers. If you are a socio-romantic stories lover this novel is best for you.

Abida Sabeen is a talented female story writer and novelist of Urdu literature. She started her writing career with monthly digests and magazines. In her brilliant writing career, she authored some super hit romance stories and episodic novels. You must read Abida Sabeen’s All Novels.

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