Koonj Vichar Gai Daron Novel By Faiza Iftikhar

Koonj Vichar Gai Daron (کونج وچھڑ گئ ڈاروں) is a prominent Urdu romantic stories collection written by acclaimed Urdu novelist Faiza Iftikhar. This book contains four long stories that explore different social and cultural issues confronting our community in the way of love.

Book Summary:

There are four short stories in this book with different characters and themes. Every story is different, focusing on distinct topics, such as materialism, domestic abuse, and Betrayal.

The three stories are titled as follows:

1: koonj Vichar Gai Daron (کونج وچھڑ گئ ڈاروں)

2: Is Bagiya Ke Bhaid Nah Kholo (اس بگیا کے بھید نہ کھولو)

3: Aik Jugnu Hai Band Muthi Mein (ایک ہے بند مٹھی میں)

4: Ye Khwab Jo Konpal Hain (یہ خواب جو کونپل ہیں)

All stories have a moral lesson that focuses on social evils and shortcomings. All stories are gripping and engross the reader from beginning to end. It leaves a lasting impression on the reader after reading it. If you are a fan of romantic Urdu stories, this book is for you.

Faiza Iftikhar is the writer of the koonj Vichar Gai Daron. The name is well-known to Urdu readers as she has authored many notable and best-seller books. She describes in great detail the human relations and the tragedies that affect families, love, and loss in her stories on different social and cultural topics. Female characters in her stories are always strong and very relatable.

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